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Musings: If Wasps Could Dream…

The elders told Starphira that the sun was a guardian, created by the Queen to keep the Frost at bay. But, like all of her creations, it too is subject to death. The life of the sun is the shortest of all living things, for it can only survive a single work cycle. Then it succumbs to the will of the Frost and dies. When this happened, the light faded and the world became colder. It made Starphira’s body heavy and slow. The elders called it “torpor”. They said that it was only a taste of the full destruction the Frost would bring when the Hundred Years came to their close.

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Musings, On Animals, On Science

Musings: And Then There Were Wasps

So after my last research project, I started working on an outline for a sci-fi about a sentient wasp species. My little ninth grader buddies have all really enjoyed the premise and characters when I presented the idea to them. We’ll see if they like the finished product half as much ;P

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