My personal thoughts on writing, reading, and life in general.

  • Musings: Music Without a Sound
    I’ve been working on preparing a display for National Poetry Month in April. Preparation entails the usual: curate books from our collection to feature, select fonts … Read more
  • Musings: Nausicaa’s Lullaby
    I’ve been experimenting with a mindset that is sort of new to me. I mean, sort of. More like applying what I discovered in fictional worlds … Read more
  • Musings: If Wasps Could Dream…
    The elders told Starphira that the sun was a guardian, created by the Queen to keep the Frost at bay. But, like all of her creations, … Read more
  • Musings: And Then There Were Wasps
    So after my last research project, I started working on an outline for a sci-fi about a sentient wasp species. My little ninth grader buddies have … Read more
  • Musings: Do Emotions Exist?
    So, I was reading This Article today, and both the material supplied in the article and some of the very emotional responses to it in the comments got … Read more
  • Musings: What Makes Me Love It?
    So, I was thinking today… “A dangerous pastime, I know.” — LeFou and Gaston What makes me enjoy a story? Like, for instance, today I was … Read more

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