D.R. Fuller

About The Author

Daniel R. Fuller was born and raised in Southern Louisiana with its Gulf Coast bayous, Atchafalaya Basin swamps, and rich New Orleans culture and history. Audubon Park, one of the New Orleans’ city parks, became a special place in his youth where he fished for perch and trapped “crawdads”. His memories of the park with its lagoons and large oaks provide a creative background for his first book, Invisible.

Daniel has enjoyed the books of many great authors over the years in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal genres, as well as Apocalyptic and Time Travel scenarios. He has also written short stories for his family’s personal enjoyment. However, it wasn’t until he began thinking of retiring that he became serious about writing a story that could be publish. It is interesting to note that his first book to be published is more romance than anything else, but it is cocooned within a Sci-Fi, Adventure, and Mystery genre.

Today, Daniel’s greatest passion is creating stories that his family can enjoy. He presently lives in Utah with his children and grandchildren.

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