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Musings: And Then There Were Wasps

So after my last research project, I started working on an outline for a sci-fi about a sentient wasp species. My little ninth grader buddies have all really enjoyed the premise and characters when I presented the idea to them. We’ll see if they like the finished product half as much ;P

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Musings, On Writing

Musings: What Makes Me Love It?

So, I was thinking today…

“A dangerous pastime, I know.”

— LeFou and Gaston

What makes me enjoy a story? Like, for instance, today I was reflecting on my experience reading The Yellow Dwarf. That story is, in my opinion, horrible. It’s like a salted train wreck (a combo-phrase of “like watching a train wreck” and “pouring salt on the wound”), as my dear sister Catie would put it. But I not only enjoyed laughing at how bad it is, I honestly enjoyed reading it. Why?

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