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White Meadow Books is primarily a bookstore. To find out more about selling your book in our store, please click here. Additionally, we offer a variety of services for authors. If you are interested in hiring one of our artists to illustrate your project, please visit our Artists Page to learn more about them and contact them on their respective websites.

Other services we offer include...

Please read on for more details regarding the service you are most interested in.

Note: You are under no obligation to sell your book at our store by utilizing our services.


We are currently not accepting manuscripts at this time.

Submission Status: Closed

Thank you for your interest in publishing your work with White Meadow Books. We are not accepting submissions at this time. Please note, publication and selling your books at our store are two different services. We are always open to receiving submissions for new self-published books to add to our store. If you are interested in selling your books at our store, please click here for more details.


Our team takes editing very seriously. Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation can ruin a reader's experience. Poor character development, confusing plot details, and inconsistencies are even worse.

Line Editing

As line editors, our team will assess your creative content. Is your voice consistent? Is your writing style active and engaging? Have you missed an open-ended plot point that should have been resolved? These are the kinds of questions we seek to answer with line editing. This is the best package for a manuscript that is hot off the keyboard, as it were, raw and unsculpted. After we recieve your manuscript, we will read it and take notes, highlighting passages and writing suggestions for what we feel could be improved. You will recieve in return a master file with all of our notes compiled for your review.


In contrast to line editing, copyediting focuses purely on the technical aspects of your work. This is the package you should choose if your manuscript is all but ready to publish and just needs someone to go over it with a fine toothed comb for typographical errors, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We will highlight any changes we make in red so that you may review them and decide if you agree with our choices (every editor is different, especially when it comes to style choices).


While you should never judge a book by its cover, most people actually do. Dress your story to impress with the help of one of our designers.


Interior design isn't quite as flashy as the cover--when done well, most readers don't even notice it. When it's not done well is when you have a problem. Inferior design can be very jarring for the reader's experience. Too many (or the wrong) fonts used, clashing colors, too wide or too narrow margins, confusing typography; these are newbie errors that scream "self-published" and detract from your message. Companies like Amazon seek to minimize these sorts of errors by setting a one-size-fits-all standard in their publishing model. While effective, this approach robs your readers of a feel that is unique to your book the moment they spread open the pages. The subtle soul of a book is in its interior design. At White Meadow Books, we will painstakingly set the unique atmosphere of your novel by selecting the right fonts, typography, and spacing for your book.


Our resident graphic artist, Destyni Shirley, is in charge of our cover design. With experience in the whole Adobe CC Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, she can craft stunning covers that are sure to impress your audience. And she'll tailor it specifically to your story, having read it first herself.

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