Meet our talented team of artists at White Meadow Books!

An example of Maekayla's art, featuring an elf leaning down
                to kiss the forehead of a fevered young friend.

Maekayla Shirley (M.M.R.S.)

Maekayla has been an artist since the day she could first hold a pen in her hand. Inspired by her mother, Maekayla's earliest works include animals and little faerie folk (she called them the Little People of Vir--they're about the size of a bean and love to get into all kinds of mischief).

Maekayla is a very versatile artist who specializes in black-and-white ink illustrations, ranging from playful to realistic, symbolic, and more. To see more of Maekayla's work and to contact her for commissions, please check out her gallery by clicking here.

Catie Shirley

The author of several of our graphic novels, Catie is an incredible animator and artist, specializing in digital media. Her early works were influenced by anime styles, such as those created by Pokemon and Studio Ghibli.

To see more of Catie's work and to contact her about commissions, please visit her Facebook by clicking here, or check out her Instagram here!

An example of Catie's art, featuring a knight fighting a basilisk.