About White Meadow Books

White Meadow Books is an online bookstore designed to offer our customers a unique shopping and reading experience. We offer a selection of our own and specially curated self-published titles at our store, each book having met our rigid quality standard. First and foremost, we are book lovers. We understand the thrill of discovering a new cover, what it is like to touch and smell the paper and ink, to subtly appreciate the interior design, to become immersed in the quality of writing, meet and befriend fictional characters, get entangled in the plot--we experience all of it personally before we offer a book in our store.

We also know how disappointing it is when what at first appears to be an intriguing novel falls flat. Self-publishing is a flooded industry. With the advent of Amazon, literally anyone can do it. That's where we come in. We want to help quality books and independent authors stand out from the crowd. Each book you find in our store has been read and hand chosen by our team, to make sure we present you with only the best.

Who We Are

White Meadow Books is the brainchild of three sisters: Destyni, Catie, and Maekayla Shirley. Inspired by classics from the genius minds of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, William Morris, and more, we've been creating strange new worlds, creatures, and stories since we were little kids. Our Mom told us we'd forget all those stories if we didn't write them down. Our world was our own little Narnia, a place we could go to escape the real world and have adventures. Forgetting it was unthinkable.

Destyni became a writer and editor. Catie became a comics artist and animator. Maekayla became an illustrator. In 2012, White Meadow Books (so named after the meaning of "Shirley", "white or bright meadow") was born. Originally we created it as a publishing business so that we could maintain complete creative control over our own works. In 2014, we published our Grandfather's novel, Invisible. That's when we learned of the struggles independent authors face in exposing their work to hungry audiences. Authors have to compete in a market that is choked with books that are poorly written, edited, and designed, giving the whole self-publishing model a bad reputation.

White Meadow Books' mission is to change that. We are now an online-based bookstore seeking to promote well-edited and designed self-published books. We want to put a spotlight on the best of the best, and bring you fantastic new fiction while we're at it.

How It Works

Books published by White Meadow Books will have a green label on their page denoting them as such. Other books will have a gold label.

Independent authors interested in selling their books at our store must first send us a print copy for our review. We will read and weigh the book against our quality standards. If we think it will appeal to our readership and we will purchase additional copies from the author to sell at our store. (Interested in promoting your books at our store? Please click here for more information.)

If you have any questions or comments about us, our store, or our books, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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